InfoNet Software


Every manager needs information on store performance to make the right decisions in order to increase revenue and profits.



  • Inomatic’s integrated approach combines various components like visitor counters, EAS systems, and deactivators into one system by using InfoNet ®.
  • InfoNet ® gathers all relevant information required for store comparison and conversion analysis.
  • Information from visitor counters gives insight to store traffic and enables efficient staff planning. The information is processed automatically and instantly available to the store management.
  • The obtained data can be processed and combined trough Inomatic’s soft-ware solutions or can be integrated into the Management information system.
  • Easy-to-handle software interface
  • Several power modes for energy consumption adjustment to customer’s specific needs: Save energy in barrier-free environments, find Wireless systems even behind several walls
  • Separate access to every single People Counter Unit
  • Wireless access to other connected systems. Use the wireless connection to read and change your AM EAS and Deactivator Systems settings.
  • Regular software updates in the future.
  • Graphical and numerical data presentation based on MS Access® Database (the database can also be used for own further analysis).
  • Data presentation using various time basis overlook persons per hour, day, month or year
  • Easily review any data saved at any point in time in the past


Wireless Network

  • Frequency band: European ISM Band (863-870 MHZ), North American ISM Band (902-928 MHZ)
  • Data rate: up to 1Mbit/s
  • Range: up to 1,000m
  • Number of wireless devices: Number of wireless devices up to 250 systems and deactivators.


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