About Us


Inomatic is German Founded Company that specialises in the engineering and manufacturing of professional RFID and EAS solutions for the retail sector.

Founded in Singapore in 2003, Inomatic has since expanded its operations to Suzhou, China, in order to combine the excellent manufacturing environment of Asia with innovative German engineering and design.

Inomatic’s key employee posses many years of EAS industry experience, allowing them to create innovative premium products at competitive prices.

This partnered with stringent quality control procedure and excellent service truly makes Inomatic stand out amongst its competitors.



Our products feature a modern design that is fitting for any surrounding it is placed in.

Combined with cutting–edge functionality, superior reliability and quality, Inomatic's products are easily recognisable.

Together with our customer-oriented focus and innovation capability, we produce products which outperform reputable and established competitors.



Inomatic has access to a world-wide network of partners who advise customers, install and service our products. Together with customer feedback, their analysis inspires continuous product and service improvements within the Inomatic team.