Integrated Bidirectional People Counter


Add bidirectional counting functionality to your AMTEK systems by inserting the coun-ter module into the top. Both TX and RX components are prepared for two-side operation, so the counter system can be extended by just equipping neighboring AMTEK antennas with the relevant counting modules.


Read counting data and set counter parameters via wireless connection. Make use of additional computer software for system handling and data visualization.




RX Module - TX Module

RX Module
TX Module

The people counter TX module sends out dual-beam encoded Infrared signals which are received and processed by the people counter RX module.

RX Module Product Code: AMPEOP 100RX
TX Module Product Code: AMPEOP 100TX



Data Collection Module

Data Collection ModuleThe data collection module will collect all the relevant data from the processor board and RX people counter. The module has a real time clock and all data are stored in the module with the time of occurrence.

Product code: AMDATCM 100





Wireless Module

Wireless Module
Product code: AMWIRLM 433

Operating Frequency: 433MHz






InfoNet Wireless Controller

Wireless Controller
Product code: AMINFOC 433

Operating Frequency: 433MHz



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